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Set Analysis in Chart Expression

Hi All,

Quick question around set analysis.

I'm trying to create a chart with a single dimension (Grouping) and two expressions, one calculating the average of score across questions, where OptionID refers to a score from 1-5 and Question ID refers to the questions. Count(DISTINCT Name) counts the number of people who answered the question. This is the score for a specific Organisation (field) and only shows when one is chosen.

SUM(OptionID)/(Count(DISTINCT Name)*Count(QuestionID))

The above expression works fine.

I also want to create a static expression on the chart which stays the same no matter which Organisation is chosen (a static average across organisations). I have tried to use the following expression to no luck.

SUM({$<Organisation=>}OptionID)/(Count({$<Organisation=>}DISTINCT Name)*Count({$<Organisation=>}QuestionID))

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks very much!

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I would have assumed this to work. The values in each of the row change based on selection in Organisation field?

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That's right - They should be staying static however.


Do you have alternate states in your application? Can you may be share a sample to take a look at?