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Creator III
Creator III

Slowness of button

Hi all,


I have a button. with action 'Set variable'.. say vshow. the value I set in that is íf(vshow=1,0,1).  Now I have a list box conditionally displayed using vshow=1.

The problem is, When I click the button , the list box is appearing very slowly, That is it takes a second to get displayed. Am unable to find the reason for this slowness. (Page is very heavy as it has many customized objects like charts text boxes sliders and calender's etc)

I have tried using Toggle select , Tried macro also to conditionally display the list box. All the methods are taking almost same time. Why does all objects gets refreshed when there is no link between the variable I used and the Data model.

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


That's how Qlik works unfortunately. Whenever a variable is changed, every expression in your view gets recalculated 'in case something is different'. Not a great feature in my opinion.

Creator III
Creator III

My requirement is to create a Menu button with list of pages. Is there any other better way to create it.