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Contributor III
Contributor III

Stack bar chart : How to show values in small segment.

Hi All,

In one of the user requirement I need to plot a region wise stacked bar chart against purchase amount & sales amount. I have plotted the chart but smaller segment ( in this case purchase amount) values are not getting displayed on the chart.

I am attaching the screen shot of my stacked bar chart as below :

Can anyone help me with any ideas to display purchase amount value in the chart?

3 Replies

If the segments get too small the values won't be displayed by qlikview. There is no setting to change that, a work around could be to copy the expression and uncheck bar display and check Text on axis. It will display the values below the axis.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Try to adjust the scale by using the properties given below. for example try using static step as 200.

you can use the min value as 200 (you can make it data driven instead of static/hard coded) as the lowest one is 259.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks Piet & Sudeep for quick reply.

Sudeep I have tried your approach, it helps but not completely.