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Stacked Bar Chart Issue

Attached is the sketch of the required bar chart. Along with the sample Excel file.

Looking for help in building this chart

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no what I meant is lets say If I have another field called State and I want to use the same metrics for the filed of  'GA' for example

Something like

=Sum({<State={'GA'}>} Amount)


Sum({< State ={'GA'}> } TOTAL <Year> Amount)

its not working??

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I guess create a new field from Sales Date. -> Year([Sales Date]) as [Sales Year]

And then use Year as your 1st dimension and Sales Year as second dimension


Sum(Amount)/Sum(TOTAL <Year> Amount)

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But if you look at the  sketch I need to group the previous 2 years as one block and anything older then 3 yrs as a seperate block


May be create a flag in the script:

If(Year = Year([Sales Date]) or Year = Year([Sales Date]) + 1, Year([Sales Date]), Dual('<=' & (Year -2), (Year - 2))) as [Sales Year]

And then then same two dimensions and try the same expression

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Can you please post a sample qvw


Like this:


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Yes exactly. can you pls post the QVW?


I did add it to my response above. Open the link here ->Re: Stacked Bar Chart Issue

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Got it, one last question.  I am still not able to do the 3 stacks, so if Year is 2016 I would like to see

Stack 1  Sale Year = Year

Stack 2  Sale Year = Year-1 and Year -2

Stack 3  Sale Year <= Year -3

All 3 stacks should add up to 100%


Above image is showing three stacks and they are adding up to 100%. Did you follow the similar logic in the script?