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Contributor III

Straight Table


We have one PL Fin Report Which is created in Straight Table. Users are requesting to have a Line above the total cost of Sales. Is this possible in Straight Table or is there any other method to achieve this. Below is image of Qlikview straight table and excel example. Thanks for help in advance. Tks!QlikviewGetLineInPivotChart.jpgQlikviewGetLine.jpg. Tks!

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


You can enable the Design Tab at the top and enable the Design Grid.

Further, you can right click on a specific cell of the straight table e.g. Total Sales Cell and you will see "Custom Format Cell". Thereafter you can give the Border at the Top of the Cell. 

This can be stretched for all the related cells.

Hope this works, let me know if further support required on this.