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Creator II
Creator II

Theme vs Templete


I have one standard template for my organization where we can user standard no of sheets and standard common objects (list boxes, search, current selection box) at standard places (top right, top left etc).

I know if we use themes we can use for formatting or standard formats for each kind of area. However my requirement is to use the same qvw file across organizations by different developers.

Can you suggest do we achieve this using themes, if not do we have any other way except providing them qvw template where they just load date and select appropriate field in list boxes?

Please help me out, thanks in advance.

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I prefer the template file myself, you can do quite a lot using variables which can then be set during the load script etc.

I also use a hidden tab which contains various objects which can be used, which maintains consistency in styling.

A search on here should bring up a bunch of ideas for you