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Toggle Ascending/Descending in sort order dynamically


I've got a variable vToggleSortOrder that has the default value of 0. By pressing a button it changes to 1 if 0 and back to 0 if 1. I've got an expression that dynamically changes the sort order depending on the variable. However, I would need to to have it be Ascending in one scenario and Descending in the other, is this possible? Or do I somehow have to manipulate the results.

Sorting is either in starting time HH:MM:SS or interval in time between two dates HH:MM:SS.

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Solved it by incapsuling my expression in a rank() function and it works

=if(vToggleSortOrder=1, Rank(Interval(Max({<[Date] = {'$(=DATE($(varDateSelect)))'}, [LAST_RUN_ORDER] = {'= Min({$<Date = {"=$(=Date($(varDateSelect)))"}>} LAST_RUN_ORDER)'}>} Time([ACC_END]))-Min({<[Date] = {'$(=DATE($(varDateSelect)))'}, [LAST_RUN_ORDER] = {'= Min({$<Date = {"=$(=Date($(varDateSelect)))"}>} LAST_RUN_ORDER)'}>} Time([ACC_START])))),Min({$<[Date] = {'$(=DATE($(varMaxDate)))'}, [LAST_RUN_ORDER] = {"1"}>}Time([ACC_START])))