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Tracking and Monitoring changes on QlikView DashboardTracking and Monitoring changes on QlikView Dashboard

Hello all,

I have a dashboard where I keep all of my patient information and every week I get new data. The new patient data gets added to the list upon a simple reload, but sometimes there will be updates/changes to the existing patients and they appear as a new patient due to the changes in info from the existing record.

I want to create a sheet that tracks these changes everytime I refresh. I would like there to be an object that counts the amount of existing patients that are restated as a chart that will display patient information that is restated so that I can keep track of and make updates to these patients as they come.

Any idea on how to do this?

***I am very new to Qlikview so please forgive me if my question may be too vague***

Thanks in advance,


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Please share few sample data and QV file if possible...adding a new records to the existing data that you already have must be controlled by having a unique key such as patientID.  loading a new set of data must check if the key exist and may load the new set or ignore if key exists. 

Load * from patientfile

where not Exists(keyID)

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Thank you for your reply, Ziad.

Due to the sensitivity of the work, I unfortunately am not able to show the actual data, but I created this sample data in excel and will be able to better illustrate what I am trying to accomplish.

In the data set below, I would like to be able to compare the data B rows by the data A rows. (Maybe by using an SQL Minus command in my expression? SELECT * FROM A MINUS SELECT * FROM B UNION ALL SELECT * FROM B MINUS SELECT * FROM A? Just a thought)

I just want to be able to identify which records are being added or changed. So if I were to already have the A data, and I refresh the next week and B data is added, I will be able to easily identify which existing records are being changed as well as which new records are being added to my data chart. As an example, in the B records, I restated Pat_ID 1 and 3. As seen below, The Service_Type as well as Price for PAT_ID 1 and 3 changed from the A data. Because of this change, PAT_ID 1 and 3 get restated in my data set even though it is the same PAT_ID so when I search by PAT_ID, 2 records show up instead of just one updated record. When I refresh my dashboard, I would like to be able to have tab called 'Restatements" and every time I refresh my data, all of the Patient IDs with restated record will now show up on a chart so that I can identify and contact the people I need to contact to report the restated records and then eventually make the changes to that Patient's record on file.

I hope this better explains what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for your input.

IDENTIFIERDatePat_IDService_TypePrice# of records


A1/2/20162b$7 1
A1/4/20163c$6 1
A1/5/20164d$5 1
A1/5/20165e$4 1
B1/6/20166b$8 1
B1/7/20167c$7 1
B1/1/20161b$5 1
B1/4/20163a$6 1
B1/8/20168d$4 1