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Tricky Small Data Anonymisation Problem

I have several Team Leaders sharing one QV report.
The report contains KPIs of Team Members, e.g. "Number of Sales" as per Team Member.
1.) Every Team Leader shall see the real names of his Team Members.
2.) Names of Team Members of other teams shall be visible anonymised only. KPIs are visible normaly.
3.) A Team Leader deputising another Team Leader, shall see the real Team Member names of the deputised team additionally.
This is easy, e.g. you can use a calculated dimension such as

= If(Match(Team_Leader_OE,Team_Member_OE,Team_Member_Deputised_OE),Team_Member_Name, Hash128(Team_Member_Name)).
Whenever a team member is being selected (in the chart of a list box), the original Team_Member_Name is being displayed in the selection status.
That's because field Team_Member_Name is part of the calculated dimension formula.
1.) When a real Team_Member_Name is being selected, real Team Member name shall be displayed in the selection status box.
2.) When an anomyised Team_Member_Name is being selected, anomyised Team Member name shall be displayed in the selection status box.
Thx and Best - Marcel
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