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Creator II
Creator II

Two Trend Line for Two different Date Fields with Two Month-Year Dimensions

Hi Community,

Here I'm facing Problem in line chart.

I have two Date Fileds

1) Issue Reported Date

2) Issue Closure Date

Also having two Month-Year Fields (like Jan-16, Nov-15)  which are getting out of above date Fields.


   1) Month-Year11( Issue Reported Date)

   2) Month-Year22( Issue Closure Date)


Count(Issue ID)



So I want to collaborate above charts. How Can I get this ?

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What expression you have tried for two charts and dimensions

You want to merge as one chart or you want to add trend lines

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If you want both lines in one chart then you need to create a single time dimension in the script and add a date type field where you store the values 'Reported' and 'Closure' to be able to distinguish between the types of dates. What exactly you need to change in the script depends on your source data, which you didn't say anything about.

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Creator II
Creator II

Please read again I above update write up..

Here I used Count(Issue id) as an Expression

And Dimension

Month-Year11 as a Dimension for One chart

Month-Year22 as a Dimension for Second Chart

Not applicable

Hi ,

Sorry I can't understand your requirement could you be more clear on what you exactly need, do you need only one chart?




Combine ur data with maintaining Flag and use two exp

to see two lines in your chart


Creator II
Creator II

Can You Elaborate this ?

Creator II
Creator II

Date(monthstart([Issue Reported Date]), 'MMM-YY') as MonthYear11

I had used this Expression to get Month-Year. but it will not give  correctly Month-Year of Issue Closure date.

What needs to be implement here?