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Using Data from one table

Hi All,

I have created a table in qlikview using so many calculations.

Now i need to consume same data in another chart.

How do i use that ???

Please find the attachment for more information


Keerthi KS

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Can you be more specific of what you dimensions and expressions that you would like to see in the bar chart?



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if your issue is using the expressions you have already written but want them in a different chart type, you can copy the entire chart and then paste it, drag the new chart off of the old one and go to General and change the chart type and remove any expressions that do not apply.

Your other option is to create a new chart from scratch and copy/paste the expressions from the first chart into the new one

This is assuming I understand your question correctly


Also assuming I understand you correctly I'll expand on Adam's suggestion to 3 options :

  1. Duplicate your expressions in multiple Chart Objects
    • Con:  Multiple different yet identical expressions will need to kept in sync.  Mistakes could produce different values for things that should be identical

  2. Put your expressions into variables:
    • Pro: Each variables will be a single version of the truth

  3. Pre-calculate the expressions in the load script creating a Fact column for each one
    • Pro:  Front end expressions will be simple and the dashboard will probbaly have better performance

My preference would be Option 3, if not viable then Option 2 [or maybe a mix of 2 & 3]

I would avoid Option 1, otherwise one could well end with multiple versions of the truth in a single dashboard qvw.

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I agree with you 100% - from my quick look at the application, it did appear that variables were used quite extensively.

If your expressions are in variables, then you will not have multiple versions because you would just need to change the variable if the calcuylation changes and then all of the expressions get updated and are the same

It is always best practices to precalculate as much as possible

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I jsut revisted the applciation and although you have defined a lot of variables, I did not see them in the expressions.  I would make the expressions variables and then use the variables in multiple charts if you cannot precalcalcualte in the script

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This actually dint work in my case. Since there are many dimensions.


How did the dimensions make it not work ?

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can you please go into further detail in describing what it is you want to do?

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In the table you can see the specification.

I want to create a chart based on only specification.

Lets say Specification Orange with Connect Incentive, Response Incentive and all the other incentives.

My chart dimension is only specification and all the expressions in the table.