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Contributor III
Contributor III

VBScript to Save a qvw to a password protected folder?

Good day guys.

As far as I am aware there are no additional parameters for the MyDoc.SaveAs("D:\ProtectedFolder\Test.qvw") command to specify a username and password in order to execute the write to that folder when that folder requires a username and password. Am I missing something or somewhere that I can specify these details?

I can achieve this with cmd I guess but would like to keep as much of the script in my qvw that executes the macro.

I basically want to open and save another qvw with the macro to the protected folder. Even though I can give myself access to that folder I would like to keep it protected. So in short a way to give the qvw that executes the macro write access to that folder but not the user executing the macro.

This qvw that executes the macro will only be used on the server itself and the protected folder also resides on the same server.

Kind regards

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