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Variable URL QlikView

Hi everyone,

I need a button that opens a URL, the URL is variable, depending on the UUIDArchivos field it will open a different link. I need many fields to be selectable in UUIDArchivos (about 200).

The only thing that changes in the link is the last part: UUIDArchivos.

I tried:

- Create the button and in the URL field put: = 'http://IP/CfdiWeb/Download/Index?Uuid=' & GetFieldSelections(UUIDArchivos). Yes, it works, but the problem with this option is that GetFieldSelections breaks since above 6 Current Selections, the result of the UUIDArchivos field no longer appears, but 7 of 10272 appears. (10272 is the total number of fields in UUIDAfiles).

I need the link to appear like this: You want to confirm the launch of the application?='http://IP/CfdiWeb/Download/Index?uuid=0A0F44A7-1A3A-EA42-8AC9-734D9F290C84, 0A2CAD12-9152-4CE4-8A61-1E816147BAD5, 0A3FBE56-A124-4308-9429-E124-4308-9429-E124-4308-9429-E124-4308-9429-E124-4308-9429-E 48F3-9D0B-99CC7F5E55CC, 0A5CC9B4-E9AB-4E4B-84A0-DCAA3515C1D8, 0A6BD503-0BA5-458E-BBC1-F970759E95EB, 0A6DAE6C-5DDCA-4E74-8A00-5DFC-4E74-8A00-BD

Above 7 current selections the link is like this: Do you want to confirm the launch of the application? = 'http://IP/CfdiWeb/Download/Index?uuid= 7 of 10272


-Create a variable with the name: vURL and the definition is: 'http://IP/CfdiWeb/Download/ Index?Uuid=' &(UUIDArchivos). Then I create the button and in the URL field put: vURL. It also doesn't work with more than 2 selections.


-I also tried all the solutions they put in https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/AJAX-and-URL-parameters/ba-p/1470351/page/2#comments but it doesn't let me use neither the select nor the object, which would be the ones that matter to me.


Thank you very much for your help and for your time.

2 Replies

Hi, you can try with: concat(UUIDArchivos,',')

Or concat(DISTINCT UUIDArchivos,',') if there can be more than one row with the same value

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

The ToggleSelect action is the one you would need to use for multiple values, but it may do the same thing you are seeing with the current method regarding the 7 of total, and I believe this part is working as expected from what I recall.  


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