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What to Expect on the 1st Project?

Hello Qlikperts, Qliklings and Qlikkers,

a very good morning to you all from where I am. So what kind of expectations should I keep from this brand new job that I am about to jump start. here are a few relevant data: This is my absolute 1st project. I will be developing the app for one particular dept in the company. There are 3 more developers in my team, each creating analytics for corresponding depts. Any suggestions on how to approach this new gig. If you can, pls tell me about what SDLC methodology sud I know about. I thought Agile was the go-to method but a lot of Qlikview deployments seem to embrace waterfall equally frequently. Any other info or experience that you would like to share to be successful in the project. Any thing you deem important.

Thank you in advance & warm Regards,

~ Qlikking for career

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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

HI John

Good luck with your new assignment!

Business Intelligence and QlikView work very well with Agile methodologies like SCRUM. But I guess you need to adapt on whatever methodology your new company is using and suggest improvements after you get more insights.