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With and without year selection counts are mismatching

Hello Team,

Hope you all doing great!!!!!

Dimension :-  If(Year="2020",Year)

Expression :-

Count(aggr( if((MaxString({<NewFlag_Ignore={'N'}>}DRAWING_REVISION_Number)-MinString({1<NewFlag_Ignore={'N'}>}DRAWING_REVISION_Number))>0,

If i am making year selection i.e 2020 in this case i am getting current count as "349"  

when i am deselecting the Year selection count are mismatching i.e  "103"

Thank you looking for positive reply:)

@sunny_talwar @bharathadde

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Former Employee
Former Employee

To make a point here regarding QVW files, you can always use the Settings\Document Properties\Scrambling tab in any QVW file opened in the Desktop Client to scramble any fields that have sensitive data in them in order to be able to attach them to posts...  In this case, I would agree with Sunny, it would be most helpful for you to attach the QVW or a sample QVW with your similar data model etc., otherwise you will likely have to sort things on your own.  The only place I could point you in that case would be the Design Blog area to search for posts there that may be pertinent:


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