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chart dimension

hi dears

i have a line chart that shows [Sales] for each [Day], means a chart with sales as X axes and Day for y axes.

now, i want to let user to see [Sales] for each ''n'' day they choose dynamically. i mean i want to let them to see sales for each three days or for each seven day or ...(as they choose at the moment)

how can i doo that?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

STEP1: Create a variable for Days

STEP2: Create Text box with the created variable

STEP3: Link the chart with Variable(which you created using Dimention Limit)



You can use Class function for this and use variable to input the days value for the days interval to show on the chart please see help from the QV help

Create variable x and and used it in place of the day dimension.

Creates a classification of expressions. The bin width is determined by the number set as interval. The result is shown as a<=x<b, where a and b are the upper and lower limits of the bin. The x can be replaced by an arbitrary string stated in label. 0 is normally the default starting point of the classification. This can be changed by adding an offset.


class( var,10 ) with var = 23 returns '20<=x<30'

class( var,5,'value' ) with var = 23 returns '20<= value <25'

class( var,10,'x',5 ) with var = 23 returns '15<=x<25'