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checking syntax for my expression given a variable


I have created a variable with 3 buttons that should change my 2 charts based on these buttons. 

Button 1: Source

Button 2: Fund

Button 3: ALL


Chart 1:  bar graph to show me the count of statuses pending given the selection of a button

if(vSourceFund = 1, count({<Bucket = {"Source"}>} STATUSES),
if(vSourceFund = 2, count({<Bucket = {"Fund"}>} STATUSES),
count({<Bucket> count))

I know my syntax is incorrect but I am trying to achieve the count given the buckets of Source or Fund. And if "ALL" button is selected I want it to count all the buckets. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Try this

if($(vSourceFund)= 1, count({<Bucket = {"Source"}>} STATUSES),
if($(vSourceFund )= 2, count({<Bucket = {"Fund"}>} STATUSES),
count( {1} Bucket))