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how to use count and cast functions in qlikview

Namaste to all

could you please tell me, how to write the below sql query in qlikview

SELECT CAST(DT_CREAT AS DATE) , Count(*) from Autopallet_registration GROUP BY  CAST(DT_CREAT AS DATE)

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sorry for the late reply. I will not have access to my VPN in the weekend, so, i couldnt work with the code,. that you gave .

I dont know,  i am unable to get the result with the code that you gave.. I am getting the error as shown below, when i use the code that you gave.

May i ask you, how can we count the DT_CREAT, as i told u earlier, it has time stamp, so we cant group that column since, it qill have different value for each column depending on the time?

below is the error i get


but i got the required result with the below code, by counting the other column and grouping ti

DayName(DT_CREAT) , //AS Date_Created,

     Count(ID_PLANT) AS Count1


     Group By


select * from Autopallet_registration

but, here i cam counting the other column, but i would like to count using the DT_CREAT column, is it possible



It is a source error, check that you have correctly configured the ODBC or OLE DB connection, make the connection test, if the connection works, try to bring a clean table, without modifications, or try to improve DBeaver Query works. Make sure you have a connection, existing table, and other commands.