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including another expression in a combo chart

Hello experts,

I am currently trying to add to a combo chart a certain expression to display but I dont think I am going at it the correct way.

Attached below are pictures to visualize what I want to achieve and the current qlikview doc I have.

I am trying to get the revenue growth % for the selected dates to display on the analysis chart above every fiscal year.

The formula for the expression is already stated in the text box in qlikview, under (revenue growth % for the selected dates).

Kind regards,

Royce Tang

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Champion II

haven't checked the app but if you want the placement of those values to be on top , then create a dual expression


=Dual(Num(YourActualExpression,'##.0%') , 0.95%)

Now the values will plot in a straight line of 95%


This is possible but might need some fiddling.

Create a new expression with your formula in, and set it to values on data points only, then I believe you can pad it out with carriage returns to try and align it to the top of the chart.

I'll do some digging as I am sure I saw a thread on this somewhere


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Cheers for that ! may I please ask what carriage returns are btw? I also find that my expression may be wrong as I am required to select 2 dates for it. is it possible to get the dates showing with only 1 or totally no dates being selected ?


I might be wrong about this, sorry I thought this would work but it doesn't look like it does (works for the pop up text though)

Just trying some other ideas for you

carriage returns are just a character to add in a new row chr(13)


I can't come up with a way of doing this I am afraid