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incorrect % value given

Dear experts,

I am trying to get a % value out of an expression, however I do believe there is some faults with my coding. Below I will provide the expression as well as the logic I am trying to achieve.

the requirements: (revenue from previous year / revenue this year) - 1


(Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year])-1"}>} cash)    /      Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year])"}>} cash) ) -1

The individual components of expression work, however when put together to acquire the ratio, they seem to be calculating the wrong values. Cheers !

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In your denominator expression you have written same expression as numerator that why you are getting 100 % Check again

Below expression are you looking for

=num(Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year])-1)"}>} cash)/Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year]))"}>} cash), '###.00%')


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Try now:

(Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year])-1)"}>} cash)/Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year]))"}>} cash)) - 1


But I wonder how this was working individually.... was this a typo?

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yes it was a typo when i posted the question sorry !


I don't see anything wrong in your expression, would you be able to share a sample to look at?

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the calculated value will be over 80% if done individually


you don't have year set analysis in the denominator, could that be the issue?


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sorry when I changed the denominator to Sum({<BDF_Type = {"Revenue"}, [year] = {"$(=Max([year])"}>} cash) instead of using the one shown in the picture i get 100% which is weird


Unless you can share your application, I would really know

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Heya Sunny,

This is the file as per requested! sorry I took so long to get back to you, had some trouble with my computer. Is it possible to view the files once you have done the edit as I am using the free personal version at the moment!

Kind regards,

Royce Tang