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put dimension to grouping/legend instead of x axis?


I have a chart like this

Each of the bar is a separate expression. Now I would like to add a dimension to this chart but that dimension should not make the x axis of this chart. Instead I want each of the bar to be stacked by that dimension while each of the expression should still stay as a separate bar as above.

Any idea how to do that?


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Have you tried doing this: Selecting Stacked bar chart option under chart properties?


I think it should do what you are trying to do.



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The option that you told me puts the dimension on x axis and stack the expressions. I want the other way around. I want each expressions to stay as a separate x axis bar (the way it is at the moment) and put the dimension as legend/stacks.

How can I avoid the dimension to go to x axis and put them as group/legend/stack