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Contributor III
Contributor III

reproducing formulas from excel

(I hope I explain this well enough, i'm new):

i need to reproduce something which is currently done in excel.  It is a static chart, nothing for the user to choose:


          Cab A     4%    7%

•         Cab B   16%    22%

•        Cab C     80%    72%


            Eng A    26%    27%

           Eng B     6%    52%

           Eng C   14%     13%

          Eng D     54%     8%

where each column, up to the empty row, must equal 100% but these are all part of one table.  The columns also have to line up with each other.  Is this possible?  we have a lot of these to reproduce, and I was hoping to not have to tons of little tables and line them up ontop of each other.

thank you in advance

becki kain

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Please could you share any sample data and out put??


Need some data to work upon.

Contributor III
Contributor III

the data is like t1=sum(c1:c4) and then the percents are s1/t1, s2/s1, etc...  the output is what I showed - each little stanza of data has to add up to 100% but there are many stanzas in each column so stanza 1, shown above, is 3 numbers which have to equal 100%, then 4 numbers which themselves, have to equal 100%,  having nothing to do with the first stanza, except they have to be in the same column.