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shows the data exclude from selection

hello everyone,

I have a task where I have to exclude selected data.

for example I have two tables like

production_item   production_year

A                              2011

B                              2010

C                              2008

D                              2009

Now I have to exclude item of selected year like


thank you in advance

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Specialist II


With the above expression it will exceed the 2008

For inclusion use + in place of - in above expression



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Another possible solution...

I created a list box using the production_year and a straight table with the following:

Dimension: production_year

Expression: =Only({1-$} DISTINCT production_item)

{1-$} will return results for everything excluded by the current selections

Hope this helps!

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But it doesnt work for multiple selection the GetFieldSelections() does not take multiple selection inputs

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But if I havent select any value it doesnt display any result.. No data is displaying.

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Do you have another selection beside the production year? Then you have to give me the correct sample to help you out here.

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Also it does work with multiple selection. You have to include your another selection with comma.

e.g.: =Only({<production_year={'*'}-{$(=GetFieldSelections(production_year))},t={'*'}-{$(=GetFieldSelections(t))}>}production_item)

Please check the attached.

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No I have only two Fields,one

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I really did not understand what your requirements are . Can you please post your sample file and state your needS?

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That means as the number of selection increases I have to add GetFiealdSelection() for each?

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Here is an example of how you might handle that:

=if(isnull(GetFieldSelections(production_year))<>-1,Only({1-$} DISTINCT production_item), Only({$} DISTINCT production_item))

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