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in current selections box some filters are not showing

Hi team,

I am facing issue on current selection box


i created triggers on 4 columns,the trigger condition was when i opend the sheet i want to display 4 columns with  selected values(Default filters)

but in my current selection box i was able to see only 3 filters ..why i am not able to see 4th one..

and when i was making filter on 3 columns filters in back end  i dont have any values for 4th columns but i want to show 4 column in current selection

like :

3 columns filter:




d:8,9---these 8,9 values we have in back end--but when i was making filters on a,b,c in d  field values will be greadout--and This D field i was not able to see in current selection ....why i was not able to see?

if i want to show d value as well then when i need to do?

Please suggest me best approach?


a,b,c,d fields are direct column



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Re: in current selections box some filters are not showing

As per association logic as the values are excluded, they cannot be shown in current selection box (As they are not getting selected)ideally .

Alternative, I feel is try making it as island field and use it on Document --> OnOpen triggers.

And the use the same field in set analysis for getting the possible values if you want to use the same field in complete dash board.

Re: in current selections box some filters are not showing

Current selection will display only the values or fields which you have selected . Since your 4th field doesn't  have any data associated with that your not able to select the same , unless you make a selection it won't appear in the current selection box.when you select a gray value what happens is that at least one of your former selections will be cleared

in order to display data relevant for your last selection this is how the Qliview works ...

If you want to show the 4th field then you need to build your own custom current selection box using text box and expression ...

"Better Current Selections Box" with support to hide/translate fields

Current Selection Alternatives

Hope this helps you

Re: in current selections box some filters are not showing


How you give the expression / Dimension for the Onopen Trigger.. I am asking only for D...

- Anil Chowdary

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