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QlikView SAP BW connector 5.7 SR1 - compliant???


We are currently working on a QlikView project where we use the SAP BW connector 5.7 SR1 with the extractor connector. During our work, we are realizing, that customization of the extractor can not be transported: transaction: “/N/QTQVC/ACTIVATE“ - so when we are going to the quality and productive BW system, this development / configuration needs to be done on all systems.

From my understanding, this is not compliant to any development standard which I know:

  • Option of unsynchronized systems
  • Tests are not valid if coding needs to be applied
  • SOX does not allow access of the developer on production
  • Production system shall not be open
  • Risks that the developer is able to activate views on other tables
  • etc.

Has anyone of you an idea of how the configuration and the created programs and iDoc types can be transported from development to the following SAP systems?

What is your opinion of the compliance of the manual configuration approach?

Thanks for the sharing your feedback!

Kind regards,


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