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Control Chart

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Control Chart

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Sep 21, 2022 1:04:33 PM

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What is Control Chart?

The control chart is a statistical analysis used to study how a process changes over time. Data are plotted in time order. Control charts are used to routinely monitor quality or simply you can say, control chart is process improvement technique.

What is a process?

A process is simply what we do. It can be filling out an expense report, checking a person into a hospital, burning a CD with music, driving to work, filling a prescription, etc. All these process generates the data. We take these generated data and plot on control chart to improve efficiency.

There are many types of control chart, but we are going to use the basic control chart with Std dev method to understand the concept.

Followings are some scenario where we can use the control chart

1) In manufacturing to test if machinery are producing products within specifications.

2) suppose you want to reduce the time it takes to admit someone to the hospital.

3) If you want to know how views are going up or down for particular website.

Components of Control Chat

1) Avg line

2) UCL (Upper Control line) = Avg Value + Std Deviation* Std Dev Multiplier

3) LCL (Lower control line) = Avg Value - Std Deviation* Std Dev Multiplier

So, basically we can see which are the points "Out of Control" or "In Control".

You can control your Std Dev multiplier using variable.

How to create the Control Chart.

1) Create the Combo Chart.

2) Take any Time dimension of your interest which is suited for your analysis, here I have taken the MonthYear. Also    make it Continuous in Axis setting

3) Create two Expression, one for Line and second for Symbol.

4) Create expressions for Avg line, UCL & LCL which will be used as reference lines in the chart. Check the Chart properties ->Presentation for reference line setting.

5) Create the Background color setting for Symbol expression

if( sum(Sales) < vUCL and sum(Sales) > vLCL, LightGreen(), LightRed())

6) Finally the chart will look like below

There are some other useful links available to create the control charts

QlikView Control (SPC) Chart

See also :

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Good one Kushal.

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Good information. Thanks for sharing


TFS Kushal

Master II
Master II

Good work,

Thank's for sharing


Enrique Colomer

Contributor III
Contributor III

Be sure to use the correct calculation for standard deviation.

It won't be correct if you use the 'regular 'standard deviation (also applies to Excel etc).

Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Thank you for the interesting information.

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good work Mr. Kushal.

really nice.

Thanks for such info.

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Good Work Kushal.

Keep sharing such great stuff

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello Kushal,

I've noticed that the scope of the color expression, unfortunately, does not match the dimension of the chart.  For example, what if the dimension was a grouping of work orders,  the expression was the sum of all hours logged to that work order, and the work orders were sorted by latest timestamp in each work order.  When you go to set the color expression, the scope of the color is not specific to the work order.

To make this analogous to your example, imagine if your Sales data were individual sales timestamped at the date of transaction, rather than grouped by month, and your dimension was something like month(date).  When you went to get the color, this dimensional scope would be lost, and sum(Sales) would return the sum of all sales rather than just those for that month.

My assumption is that your individual Sales data are already grouped by month.

Is there a workaround for this?

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

We held an on-demand session with National Health Services (NHS) about how they built and leverage Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC) and Run Charts in QlikView and Qlik Sense. johnmackintosh‌ covers these topics in depth:

  • Variation and importance in Quality Improvement (QI) projects within healthcare
  • The Run Chart
  • Run Chart Rules
  • Simple QlikView run chart
  • (Statistical) Process Control (SPC)
  • ‘I’ ‘P’ ‘C’ ‘U’  - Examples
  • Rare events / time between


Be sure to check this out:

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