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QlikView App - Generic Data Profiler

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MVP & Luminary

QlikView App - Generic Data Profiler

Often when building QlikView applications, or picking up applications which have been built by someone else I want to have a quick and easy way of viewing the data that is in that application.  To enable me to do this I have put together a page of objects that lists all tables and fields in the data model and then gives outline information about any selected field.  These objects can be copied and pasted into any QlikView application to view the data model of that document.

I have documented how this document works and the reasons why you might use it in a blog post here:


Please see the blog post for further details on using this document.

There is now a Qlik Sense version of this app, which you can find on Qlik Community here:

Qlik Sense App: Generic Data Profiler

I hope that you find it useful.  You will find other applications that I have uploaded under my profile on QlikCommunity, or on our Downloads Page.



PLEASE NOTE: The 'With Mask' version of the file includes an experimental tab that may or may not work well on large data sets.  Please see comment below for details.  If you are not sure which to download go for DataProfiler.qvw.  Thanks!

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Thanks Steve, another gem from you!



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Cheers Steve, I've already found it very useful as I didn't know you could read in tables from wikipedia/web pages so easily!

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi Michael, I use web data quite often when seeding demonstration apps, it's my next choice after INLINE and AUTOGENERATE.  I forget that it might not be that obvious to others that you can do this.

I created a video on loading from a web page a few years back:



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Thanks Steve: This offers a world of possibilities.

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Thanks Steve, the video proved very useful as I was getting mixed results just changing the url, as I didn't even think about using the wizard.


Nice post. Something new which I never ever thought.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Thanks Manish and Massimo for your comments.

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Thanks Steve..Its very useful and it will reduce our testing time for sure..

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Thanks for the app!

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