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QlikView App - Show and Hide Sheets based on User or Menu

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

QlikView App - Show and Hide Sheets based on User or Menu

As QlikView applications grow the number of tabs that information is spread across can grow rapidly as well.   The new Ajax view makes it easier to navigate when there are many tabs (with the drop down) but if users are using the IE Plugin or an older version of QlikView a lot of the screen can be taken up with tabs.

One way of solving this is to group the tabs into functional areas and place a menu on the welcome tab that allows the user to select which functional area they want to look at.

Furthermore, if some tabs are simply not relevant to some users then it is possible to hide those tabs (and the menu options to show them) from those users.

This document gives an example of a menu that switches tabs on and off and implements hiding of tabs from users based on their OSUser name - loaded from an Inline table in the load script.

I hope you find this document useful, you can find links to other documents I have uploaded here: http://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/qlikview-examples/



Contributor III

I know it wasn't the purpose of this post, but my favorite part is changing the title of your Current Selections to 'No current selection' when nothing is selected. It's freaking genius in its simplicity and utility.




Nice & simple! Thanks Steve.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi Mike - thanks for that, and cheers for the mention on your blog.  If you like that current selections tweak you will probably want to take a look at this one too QlikView App: Current Selections Dynamic Display

I've listed some of the other documents I've uploaded on my web site also.

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Thanks, Steve! I actually lurk on your site a couple of times a week (even though I've signed up for the emails).

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It looks amazing and promising!

awesome job!


Thanks Steve, looks good and simple to understand. Rich

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Thanks Erik and Richard for your comments.  I have found this approach very useful where clients have run into many many rows of tabs.

I should probably add here that you should not use hiding sheets for securing data - unless you are sure users can not add new chart objects.

If you like this app you may also want to see the one I uploaded for showing and hiding chart objects:

QlikView App: Show and Hide Windows Dynamically



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Excellent article and example. Thank you for your kind attention in sharing this.



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Thanks Khairul.

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You're a genius Steve. Thanks again for the freebie lesson.

But in my own case. I have a dynamic sheets qvw with 10 sheets that rotates every 10 secs.

How do you rotate 8 of the sheets, hide the remaining 2 sheets?

And how do I get the hidden sheet tabs back to work on?

My present settings

variable vShow:


variable vSheets:

= no of sheets to cycle through (10 before..now 8)

variable vDelay:

= time in seconds (10 in my case here)

Finally, sets each sheet to conditionally display using the expression

vShow = 1 (for the first sheet)

vShow = 2 (for the second sheet, and so on)

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