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Sense Enterprise on Windows release notes - February 2023 Initial Release to Patch 10

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Sense Enterprise on Windows release notes - February 2023 Initial Release to Patch 10

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The following release notes cover the versions of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows released in February 2023. For questions or comments, post in the Product Forums or contact Qlik Support.

What's new in Sense February 2023

Please refer to the What’s new sections of the online help for information about the new and updated features of the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2023 release:

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2023 (Users)

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2023 (Developers)

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2023 (Administrators)

February 2023

Custom configuration files are now retained during silent upgrades
If your current deployment includes custom configuration files, they are now retained by default during the silent upgrade process. The retention of custom configuration files for UI upgrades was added in the November 2022 release. For more information, visit the Qlik Helpsite:
Considerations about custom configurations
Silent upgrading

Open apps in the hub via the Qlik Management Console (QMC) Apps are now formatted as links in QMC. Administrators who have access to the Apps section in the QMC can click the link to open the app in the hub. However, security rules applied to the hub may prevent you from opening the app. Unpublished apps can only be opened by the app owner.
For more information, visit the Qlik Helpsite: Apps

Resolved Defects

February 2023 Patch 10
Key Title Description
QB-21731 Qlik Sense: Added validation to X-Qlik-* HTTP headers Additional validation performed by the Qlik Proxy to ensure only valid X-Qlik-* HTTP headers are passed through.
QB-21683 Qlik Sense: Improved validation of Transfer-Encoding Headers Added additional validation to the Qlik Proxy to ensure only valid Transfer-Encoding headers are passed on.
QB-21561 Qlik Sense: Proxy web cache poisoning Implemented additional validation to prevent poisoning of the Proxy web cache in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows.
QB-21549 Qlik Sense: The Hub does not redirect if a stream with no access is directly accessed Fixed a problem that caused endless loading of streams of links with no access instead of redirecting to the first visible stream or My work area.
QB-21437 Qlik Sense: Improved HTTP Request validation Implemented additional validation logic when processing HTTP Request body.
QB-21263 Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js Updated Node.js. For more information, see
QB-21153 Qlik Engine: Issues with pivot table introduced in early 2022 When a pivot table has both Left and Top dimensions, rows would disappear (wrongly suppressed) when group sums were 0 or null. A fix was applied to not suppress group sums that resulted in 0 or null when dimensions in a pivot table are placed on top.
QB-20587 Qlik Sense Engine: The engine crashes when merging tables in the load script Fixed a problem where the engine would crash when merging tables in the load script by resizing the ColGenerationCounters array to avoid access violation exceptions.
QB-20326 Use connection name for "Select data from source" in Data Manager For "Select data from source" we need to look up by connection name to be more consistent with Data Load Editor. After an upgrade, the connection ID no longer matched which caused issues trying to add the data from source in Data Manager.
February 2023 Patch 9
Key Title Description
QB-21242 ODAG crashing or getting stuck when canceling an app reload When canceling an ongoing ODAG link reload, the ODAG service would crash or in some cases the reload would get stuck in canceling state for a long time.
QB-20885 Scheduler failure with a trigger with incorrect filter in one of the scheduled tasks Scheduler failed to execute all scheduled tasks due to the presence of a trigger with an incorrect filter in one of the scheduled tasks. This issue is fixed by identifying the trigger with an incorrect filter, disabling it, and removing it from the scheduler's memory to avoid future executions of the task. With this fix, other tasks will continue running as per their schedule.
QB-19516 Enterprise Connectors: Query/Query all parameter doesn't save when editing Salesforce Data Connection The selected value of the Query/Query all parameter is now correctly saved and applied as expected.
QB-19290 Fixed error related to "Multiple files not allowed" User can now upload new file with same name or different name and connection will be updated based on content on new file.


February 2023 Patch 8
Key Title Description
QB-21222 HTTP Tunneling vulnerability Fixes a critical HTTP Tunneling vulnerability in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows, see for details.
QB-21220 Path traversal vulnerability Fixes a high severity Path traversal vulnerability in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows, see for details.


February 2023 Patch 7
Key Title Description
QB-20094 Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js Updated Node.js. For more information, see
QB-19885 Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: Engine crashes on scheduler nodes after upgrading to February 2023 Fixed an issue where a wrapped SubField function could cause data to be truncated/deleted while still being accessed/processed by the parent function (for example: Trim(SubField(…)).
QB-19473 Insight Advisor: Field value suggestions sometimes fails when business logic is enabled When typing a question in Insight Advisor with business logic enabled, suggestions were not populating when the field value suggestions were coming from fields for which the data value lookup was set to "no". This has now been fixed.
QB-19422 Task Event trigger creation not working with Qlik Management Console caching disabled When Qlik Management Console caching is disabled it was impossible to create a new task event trigger. This has now been resolved.
QB-19316 Qlik Sense: Data Load Editor crashes when there is an Analytics connection with 50 parameters We made improvements and the Data Load Editor can now handle SSE (Server-Side Extension) with up to 200 parameters.
QB-19261 Insight Advisor: Can't select from drop down when using data value search This issue was fixed by making improvements to the Insight Advisor search function so that data value that may exist under multiple fields is now passed along to ensure more accurate results.
QB-19046 ModiQlik Sense: "403 Untrusted http origin not allowed" returned when origin is null (keycloak)fication to handle "null" string and set it to null Fixed a problem in the handling of "null" string coming from Keycloak SAML. This was solved by adding extra checks to convert "null" to null and allow the application to run normally.
QB-17400 Qlik Analytics: Copy and paste not possible from locked auto-generated section in load editor Fixed a problem where it was not possible to copy script from the locked scripts in the data load editor. The script can now be copied to the clipboard while locked, but can only be modified when unlocked.


February 2023 Patch 6
Key Title Description
QB-18873 Qlik Dataprep: Automatic requests sent when opening sheet When opening a sheet, the search in the top bar would automatically create calls fetching vocabularies. In some cases, this could lead to excessive growth of the PostgreSQL database. This behavior has been changed and the calls are only performed when necessary.
QB-18673 Qlik Cloud and Qlik Sense on Windows: Search result count per section is broken The top search bar was giving an incorrect result count when the search criteria contained a forward slash "/". This has been fixed and the correct number of results are now generated.
QB-18356 Insight Advisor - Data profiling In specific cases, data profiling for Insight Advisor could not be completed. Business model fields with special characters sometimes prevented the process completion. This has been resolved.


February 2023 Patch 5
Key Title Description
QB-18449 Visualizations: Segment colors in Master Items not showing the right colors The Segment colors in the Master Items would sometimes use the wrong index from the color palette. This was been fixed by referring to the correct index.
QB-18422 ExportData stopped working in SessionApps Sometimes the ExportData() would not return a Microsoft Excel file, generate a download link, or both. This has been resolved.
QB-18335 Visualizations: Table object created via Capability API in mashup missing selection buttons Fixed a problem where the Selection menu button (…) and the Lock button were missing when a table object was created via Capability API in a mashup.
QB-17179 Qlik Cloud Analytics: Data load model refresh message blocks data load editor Fixed a problem where a "Please wait - refreshing data model" screen would appear and not clear after reloading the script in the data load editor, navigating to the data model viewer, and navigating back to the data load editor.


February 2023 Patch 4
Key Title Description
QB-18156 Visualizations: When using a pick-match logic, the chart's y-axis does not reflect the stated logic The pick-match logic was not working as expected when toggling from a percentage to a number with 2 decimals. This has been fixed and the formatting now reflects the stated pick-match logic.
QB-17568 Qlik Enterprise Connectors: MySQL connector throws an error when executing the same query more than once Executing the same non select query (UPDATE query) more than once would throw an error if Bulk Reader Mode was enabled. This has now been resolved.


February 2023 Patch 3
Key Title Description
QB-18370 Qlik Sense QMC: PostgreSQL warning displayed after February 2023 upgrade Qlik Sense QMC displayed a warning message if the PostgreSQL version was below 12.5. This caused version 11.x to be flagged as unsupported even though it is still supported in a standalone installation. This has been fixed by adding additional supported versions of PostgreSQL in the QMC check.
QB-18083 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Delay when switching between container tabs Fixed a problem where switching tabs in a container had a 5-7 second delay.
QB-17759 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Pasted container objects with filter pane do not hold the same dimension values as the copied object With this fix, the filter pane in a container object will keep the dimensions after copying and pasting.
QB-17367 Visualizations: Pivot table in container shows rows inconsistently Pivot tables in containers were inconsistently showing rows when expanded or collapsed. This has been solved and rows will not be hidden when there is a show condition in the container object.


February 2023 Patch 2
Key Title Description
QB-18040 Qlik Sense: Missing login option for anonymous users The user profile icon changes in the November 2022 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows caused an issue that would not show the login option for anonymous users. This has been fixed and the icon is now responsive and shows all available options. Login is available for anonymous users when "Anonymous access mode" is set to "Allow anonymous users" in the Virtual Proxy Settings.
QB-18037 Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js Updated Node.js. For more information, see
QB-17571 Qlik Sense: ScatterPlot legend and tooltip show expression instead of date Fixed a problem where the legend and tooltip were wrongly showing an expression. This was caused when using color by the n:th measure, where the measure pointed at, had a wrong color expression label.
QB-14622 Qlik Sense: Header injection redirects into non-existing subdomain The "Host allow list" in Virtual Proxy settings trusted all subdomains of the given entry. This has been fixed by adding an option for strict validation that only allows the given entry. The new proxy configuration setting "StrictValidateWhitelist" allows switching between the behaviors. The default is set to false (all subdomains trusted). If you need strict validation, enable the setting and restart the proxy.


February 2023 Patch 1
Key Title Description
QB-17971 Qlik Sense: Custom scheduled trigger prevents any task from triggering when DivideByZeroException occurs When 0 value is added in weeklyInterval and/or monthlyInterval part of cron-strings, a DivideByZeroException occurs. Solved an issue that prevented any task from triggering when DivideByZeroException occurs. With this fix, only the misconfigured custom trigger will not run, other triggers will continue running.
QB-17789 Qlik Sense Visualizations: Dynamic View refresh not working An error was thrown ("Refresh Error - There was an error while refreshing the visualization") when trying to refresh a dynamic view in a published app from a consumer node. This has been solved, and it is now possible to have Dynamic View apps published to a stream.
QB-17411 Qlik Enterprise Connectors: MySQL connector fails when previewing or reloading specific timestamp values Fixed a problem where data preview and reload would fail when MySQL data contains values such as '0000-00-00 00:00:00' in a column with data type timestamp and bulk reader mode is enabled.
QB-14929 Qlik Engine: Healthcheck shows "saturated" when RAM is available This issue has been solved and the "saturated" flag will now reflect the current RAM usage.


February 2023





Visualizations: Chart sharing via link not working applying selections

Fixed a problem that prevented applying filtered selections when opening an app via the chart-sharing link option.


Qlik Sense Engine: MakeWeekDate function ignores system variables

Fixed a problem where the script/chart function MakeWeekDate did not correctly respond to the values of the system variables (FirstWeekDay, BrokenWeek, and ReferenceDay).
For more information, see this support article:


Qlik Sense Engine: Direct variable reference in expressions could cause incorrect field-on-the-fly generation

Fixed a problem that allowed expressions with by-name variable reference for fields-on-the-fly, causing data model and result cache corruption, resulting in unpredictable crashes. These expressions are now ineligible for fields-on-the fly and instead, a regular ad hoc calculated dimension will be generated (as for any ineligible expression). Dollar-expansion using variables continues to work as before, as the variable is used to generate the expression, and does not form a part of the expression itself.


Qlik Sense Mobile: Lost connection on iOS

Fixed a problem where the connection was lost after minimizing the browser window and switching to other applications.


Qlik Sense Engine: Lineage graph does not show full graph

Lineage did not show files stored using LIB://path in uppercase. This has now been solved and Lineage supports using uppercased LIB://path.


Qlik Sense Mobile: App thumbnail not responding to touch

Users could not open an app by tapping on the center of the app thumbnail. Instead, users had to tap on the corners of the thumbnail to open the app. This has been fixed, and a tap on the thumbnail will open the app.


Qlik Sense Engine: Mashup application hangs

Fixed a problem where a mashup application would hang when applying selections.


Qlik Sense: Unencrypted origin trusted by default

Fixed a problem that allowed unencrypted HTTP origin header in Qlik Sense for HTTPS protocol requests.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Accidental chart deletion with open variables dialog in Edit sheet

Fixed a problem where a chart could be accidentally deleted in the background if the variables dialog was open and the delete key was pressed. This was solved by blocking the grid while the variables dialog is open and unblocking once it is closed.


Qlik Sense Engine: Problem with qualifiers in aggregations

Fixed a problem where aggregation qualifiers (such as total and distinct) were not considering the outer set analysis prescribed by the expression. This has been solved, and all calculations with outer set analysis notation yield correct results.


Visualizations: Combo chart tooltip displays "0" instead of "-" for missing values

Fixed an issue where the combo chart tooltip in certain cases showed "0" instead of "-" for missing values.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: A table in a Nebula sheet disappears when the page is refreshed

The selection API from Nebula is sometimes not ready the first time the sn-table renders. A sanity check has been added to ensure the sn-table renders every time.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Overwrite option for ODAG app not working

Fixed a problem where the "Overwrite generated apps" for ODAG did not work and triggered the warning message "Maximum number of generated apps reached". The overwrite option now works as expected and a newly generated app overwrites the existing ODAG app without a warning message.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Incorrect numerical abbreviation in Scatter Plot using "Auto"

Fixed a problem where using "Auto" in the chart configuration for the x or y axis showed an incorrect format in Scatter Plot charts.


Visualizations: sn-action-button extension now applies encoding to the URL in navigate to website action

This encoding is safe and does not throw errors. It will properly encode the given URL, including replacing any raw, unpaired surrogate pairs with the Unicode replacement character prior to encoding.


Qlik Sense Scheduler: Triggered tasks not running at expected scheduled time

Fixed a problem where the scheduler services did not run properly if there were errors in the user-created cron expressions. We solved this by creating more controls and marking any problematic user entry in the scheduler error log file and ignoring that trigger until the user resolves the issue.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Error of reserved property 'FILTERS'

Fixed a problem where an extension using the reserved property 'FILTERS' would fail to load.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Incorrect jQuery-ui version

Fixed a problem that displayed an incorrect version of jQuery-ui. The correct version is 1.13.2.


Visualizations: Custom tooltip measure in combo chart disappears when replacing the dimension

Fixed a problem where the custom tooltip measure disappeared when the dimension in the combo chart was replaced. The custom tooltip measure now appears when hovering over the combo chart bars.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Action button background image not shown

Fixed a problem where images on action buttons were not displayed correctly. The button now checks and works with multi-noded prefixes.


Qlik Sense: Updated Node.js

Updated Node.js to address a third-party issue (CVE-2022-43548). For more information, visit


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Map chart layer not rendering bars

Fixed a problem where bars on the map representing low figures had a height of less than one pixel and would not be rendered. This has been solved by making the minimum height one pixel.


ODBC Data sources: Timestamp data type fails to load

Fixed a problem with ODBC data sources where the timestamp data type failed to load in some cases.


Qlik Sense Engine: Lost data rows when importing delimited UTF-16 encoded files

Fixed a problem that caused embedded NUL (binary 0) characters in delimited UTF-16 encoded files, such as CSV, to be ignored during import, resulting in an incomplete data set.


Qlik Cloud, Qlik Cloud for Government (FedRAMP) and Qlik Sense Visualizations: Possible to delete script variables using API calls

Fixed a problem where it was possible to delete variables using a WebSocket API call. Script variable can now only be removed by modifying the reload script and reloading the app.


Qlik Cloud, Qlik Cloud for Government (FedRAMP) and Qlik Sense Visualizations: Possible to delete script variables through the client

Fixed a problem where it was possible to delete variables through the variables table in the client. There is now no option to delete if a script created the variable.


Qlik Sense: Default rule for Custom Banner Messages does not generate on upgrade

Fixed a problem in the initial release of November 2022 (14.97) that caused the default security rule for Custom Banner Messages to only be generated during a fresh install. This has been solved and the security rules are now also generated during upgrades.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Dependent variable not modified in preview

Fixed a problem where a dependent variable was not immediately changing after the variable it depended on was modified.


Qlik Sense Engine: "Too many columns" error when loading qvx files

Loading qvx files via webfile would sometimes fail due to a "too may columns" error. This was solved by changing how the metadata for qvx files is processed during the read.


Qlik Sense: Signed License Key (SLK) error

Fixed a problem that was caused by a lower than min date field in a License table in the November 2022 release, causing validation issues when trying to apply a new license.


Qlik Cloud, Qlik Cloud for Government (FedRAMP) and Qlik Sense Visualizations: Possible to delete script variables through the client

Fixed a problem where it was possible to delete variables through the variables table in the client. There is now no option to delete if a script created the variable.


Qlik Sense Enterprise Connectors: ODBC connector DEBUG-level bugs are generated


When the log level for the connector was set as "Info", the debug-level logs were also being added to the log file. This has been addressed and if the level is set as "Info", only "Info" level logs will be generated.



Qlik Sense Hub: Apps not shown under Favorites when using non-English language

Fixed an issue where apps did not appear under Favorites unless you navigated back and forth. The issue occurred when using a non-English language in the Hub. The Favorites section is now refreshed for all languages when all app streams are loaded.


Visualizations: Error message when trying to edit a variable

Fixed a problem that prevented editing variables through the user interface.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Color by dimension shows grey coloring

Fixed a problem where data points expanded by a SET expression were shown in grey when using color by dimension in a chart.


Qlik Sense Analytics: Debug current statement is missing

On Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows, the debug statement was partly hidden or missing from the Data Load Editor. This has now been fixed.


Visualizations: Table chart does not work with accumulation

Accumulation did not work when converting charts to tables. The feature flags for modifiers (such as accumulation) were removed from the config files but not from the table's code. This has been fixed and the flags are properly removed.


Qlik Sense Licensing: License details for SLK (Signed License Key) not showing extra buckets

Fixed a problem where extra bucket information was not shown. QMC license details will now include all buckets of each allotment resource type.


Qlik Engine: Row disappears from pivot table

Fixed a problem where an entire row was removed from a pivot table if the total for the dimension column equaled zero and "Include zero values" was disabled. Zero values are now only suppressed in the remaining dimension.


Visualizations: Negative values are not correctly displayed when using custom number formatting

Fixed a problem where chart tooltips that used the custom numbering format would not correctly display negative values in percentage format.


Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive but lists all known major issues and limitations.

  • Third-party extensions are currently not supported on mobile devices, and the Qlik Trusted Extension Developer program does not accredit extensions for use on mobile devices. Generated items might not be visualized properly on a mobile device, depending on individual device specifications, mobile OS, and the size of the Qlik Sense app.
  • When you consume Qlik Sense apps using the Microsoft Edge browser on touch/hybrid devices, the long-press action does not work. This prevents you from accessing functions such as an object’s context menu, which requires a long press in touch mode. This is a Microsoft Edge issue.
    Workaround: If you use a hybrid device, turn off touch mode, and then turn it back on again.
  • Export as Anonymous does not work for mashups deployed in a domain that is different from the domain where Qlik Sense is installed. Export only works for Anonymous if the mashup is deployed in the same domain as Qlik Sense.
  • When using the new Load Extension syntax in the load script, the Data Load Editor syntax completion does not work well after the keyword “Extension” when trying to write the call to an SSE function (AAI function). The script still executes correctly.
  • Legend does not show dimension values after row number 3000.
  • Limitations when exporting a story to PowerPoint:   
    • Titles are not rescaled as HTML. Font settings are not exported.
    • Storytelling effects are not applied.
    • Exported charts might show fixed scroll bars, depending on the export resolution.
  • It is not possible to open the context menu of an org chart on a touch device.
  • When you choose to view data in the context menu in a dynamic chart and make a new selection in the app, you need to refresh the browser for the chart to be displayed again.
Dynamic views
  • Dynamic views that you delete from one app are also deleted from every other app that was using the same view. There is no workaround for this issue. Avoid deleting views that might already be in use by other apps.
  • When you create a new dynamic view in the assets pane, the dropdown menu item does not automatically change to show the charts of the newly created dynamic view if there are any existing dynamic views. You must click on the dropdown menu to choose the newly created view.
  • The data for a dynamic view is automatically refreshed whenever you open a sheet that contains charts for the view. The same happens when you enter and then return from the global selections pane, and when you add a new chart for the view. Refrain from performing these actions on the base app to prevent triggering refreshes.
  • The view of a dynamic chart is cleared and shows a message indicating a view constraint violation whenever you change the selection state of the base app in a way that violates the view's constraints. Refrain from changing the selection state of the base app until it has finished making use of the data in any of the dynamic view charts.
  • The ‘Go to source’ option on a snapshot slide (available on right-click) for a dynamic chart does not select the actual dynamic chart when you change the view to the base app sheet.
  • Changes to chart settings for dynamic view charts using the Exploration menu are lost after refreshing the view.
  • Dynamic views do not support the Trellis extension.
Managing a Qlik Sense site
  • The Edit pane under Custom properties in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) can currently handle a limited number of custom properties. If you want to edit custom property values in the QMC, we recommend keeping the number of custom property values to a maximum of 500. If you want to apply values without modifying them, the QMC can handle up to 10,000 custom property values.
  • When you remove app objects from an application via the QMC interface, deleted objects are not removed from the application’s binary file stored on the file system.
  • It is not possible to use a security rule on the HubSection_* resource to hide the ‘Open hub’ link from the navigation menu when accessing an app as an anonymous user.  
    Workaround: Use reverse proxy to redirect the ‘Open hub’ link to a preferred landing site.
  • Windows service Qlik Engine cannot be started on a node where the Qlik Engine service is disabled through the QMC. Every time Windows restarts for that node, the Qlik Engine service fails to start up and throws an error in Windows event logs. You can prevent this by temporarily disabling the Qlik Engine service in Windows Service Manager.
  • Data connection passwords containing special characters (such as "=", "%", or ";") are not properly encoded when updated via the QMC. This causes authentication errors when trying to connect to specific data sources, which could cause reload tasks to fail.  
    Workaround: Use the data load editor to update the password. Note that once the password is updated, the name of the data connection is automatically appended by "(domain_userId)". You can adjust this later via the QMC.
Qlik Sense Desktop
  • Qlik Sense Desktop can play WebM and Ogg but not MP4 files. This is due to limitations in Chromium.
  • REST connector: The ‘Next token’ pagination option does not work when the pagination token has the same value for each page.
  • For connectors in the ODBC Connector Package only the data types listed as supported in the online help have been verified to work correctly in the Preview and Script editor. However, the ODBC Connector Package does not prevent you from loading other data types. In some cases, you can load unsupported data types with the load script.
  • ODBC connector: Database connectors in the ODBC Connector Package do not work properly if the username on the Microsoft Windows system running Qlik Sense Desktop contains letters that are not English alphanumeric characters.
    Workaround: Change the Windows system locale to match the character set that contains the characters used in the username. For example, if the system locale on the system running Qlik Sense Desktop is set to English and a username contains Swedish characters, you must change the system locale to Swedish for the ODBC connector to work properly.
  • The Qlik Salesforce connector does not support PK chunking on sharing objects. PK chunking is only supported on parent objects.
  • The Apache Phoenix connector does not support non-Latin characters in metadata. The connector might return corrupted data or unpredictable query results if you run a query with non-Latin characters in metadata, such as table names, column names, and aliases.
Cloud deployments and Multi-Cloud
  • When you download a pivot table in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, expanded rows are not included but stay collapsed.

System requirements notes

For information about the requirements for Qlik Sense, see System requirements for Qlik Sense in the online help.


Download this release from the Product Downloads page on Qlik Community.


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