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A button to switch between Qlikview Dashboard to Qliksense in Qlikview access point.

Specialist II
Specialist II

A button to switch between Qlikview Dashboard to Qliksense in Qlikview access point.

Idea is 

In a qlikview Access point or Qlikview application of Qv access point  , I propose a idea to keep one button to switch between qlikview view to qliksense view for same application or for same Qlikview access point webpage , So that user will compare view of same dashboard in both QV and QS and they use based on their flexibility.


Idea for Backend mechanism :

  1. QS should include in Qlikview server Setup
  2. Since both QV and QS has advance engine ,Basically the above feature proposal to keep in QV publisher or any other New QV converter service , which will distribute both Qlikview application and convert Same QV app to QS app and distribute both to same access point (considering any of QV AP and QS hub will be hidden at a time for user view based on switch )
  3. Users will access to access point and switch between accordingly apps or access points accordingly.
  4. Further idea is to enhance document chaining(QV to QS selection transfer)  between Qlikview to qliksense app version , bla bla .




1. Slowly users will try to adopt using Qlik sense.


2. Since QS has many features , users will explore drag and drop flexibility ,might have chances more to use Qliksense for AP objects creation.


3. All qlik sense features with including insights bot (hot feature )


As a Qv Architect , I noticed most of users are expecting this option rather than completely migrating to qliksense server 




Lead BI | Qlik BI Architect


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Effectively delivered with the single QSE SaaS hub that allows co hosting of QV and QS content.

Status changed to: Closed - Already Available