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Add mini-chart in pivot table

Contributor II
Contributor II

Add mini-chart in pivot table

Pivot - any reason why Pivot table are not having the same feature as Table - I am referring to the Mini chart function

I am not sure if the below have been requested by the community before but I have been designing and creating a few dashboard in the past few months intensively using Qlik and I started to feel some pain here  due to the below function is not available in your charts, and I do think that they are all quite basic and yet I still dont understand why Qlik not willing to spend some development time just to quickly roll it out.  For organisation that have the budget, of course, they will probably subscribe to Vizlib package.   


Original post, edited to remove duplicate ideas:

1.  Tooltips - Track status of custom tooltips for  Pivot tablesMapsButtonsDistribution Plot, and Tables

can you please have this implemented across all Chart Objects, including table if that possible 

2.  Button - Track status of button font customization here

- update your existing button e.g. allow create button with fields

- font size slide bar - what is this font size with scroll bar all about? please get rid of it.  It is very annoying and did NOT provide consistency at all even though the pointers are the same between two button but it can come out totally different size as i believe it depending on the number of words.  how can this be passed during Q&A I wonder.  Yes, I do get a bit emotional here as I have been adjusting this font size for days and yet my users still complaining that it look ugly.  I am the type of person normally will tell them do not focus on cosmetic, focus on the report content and the chart or design flexibility that I have created for them, but I just couldnt get this pass myself to ignore this silly slide bar for font size.

3.  Pivot -  information above in idea post

4.  Filter  - Track status of  Ability to select only one value for dimension in filter pane on visualization level here

Select 1 value at a time, but NOT compulsory have to select 1 feature.  


Hi @QlikWong , it is difficult to track all the ideas in 1 post. I have a few comments and maybe we can get this idea focused on new ideas.

There are a couple open ideas regarding custom tooltips for Pivot tables, Maps, Buttons, Distribution Plot, and Tables. KPIs was delivered as of October. 

Button font customization has been suggested here, here, and here,

Can you explain what you mean by the mini-chart in pivot table? Are you referring to the tooltip?

Please let me know and we can remove some of the duplicate content here.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Meghann,

Agreed about consolidating ideas in one.    After checking out your links, I  

I have trimmed down my ideas as follow:

1.    Filter 

  • able to switch the layout from filter to button, radio chart
  • select 1 value only AT TIME and does not need to be compulsory to have 1 value ALWAYS like what it is now.

2.    Pivot Table

  • -  to allow mini chart feature - In table, we are allowed to create e.g. a line or bar chart in a column for a measure.  I'm just suggesting can the Pivot table also have the same feature.  





Hi @QlikWong , thank you! I see what you mean about the mini chart in pivot table now. 

The request to require 1 value at a time has been posted here:  Allow only one value selection in the filter pane

and the request to add a checkbox layout to filter pane has been suggested here: Filter Pane - checkbox style (the checkbox combined with the 1 value required would create the desired radio box)
For this reaon I will edit this idea description to focus on the requested mini-chart in pivot tables. I will also make sure that the other idea posts include the fact that you have asked for the ideas again, but it is best to add likes and comments to those posts so we keep the support all in one place. Thank you so much for the help in trimming this, you have a lot of really valuable ideas here that it seems many are asking for!
Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Meghann,


Yes.  You got the Pivot with mini feature spot on.  Thanks.


I took a look at the filter link you provided in regards to select only 1 value.   I would differ there is NOT Exactly the same.   See my explanation below:



Current Implementation

My Proposed Implementation

Links you provided

Always 1 value selected for a field filter

The field must ALWAYS have 1 value selected


IDEA 1805522




IDEA 1932298



Allow field with No selection to begin with (just like a normal behaviour for a filter)




When the filter set to select 1 only option, then, everytime, when user make a selection, only 1 value is excepted , no MULTI SELECT.



In Your Email, you have provided me a link in regards to this feature, Allow only one value selection in the filter pane - Qlik Community - 1805522


And then in your comment, you have link the below back to the first.

Ability to select only one value for dimension in ... - Qlik Community - 1934298


Although you group the later idea back to the first but I am not sure if that is NOT 100% accurate because the idea proposal mentioned the ‘force it to entire app’ and need control about it. (which is the key different here)


I would say the two ideas 1895522 and 1932298 are DIFFERENT and my idea would align with 1932298 as we both want this always 1 selected value to be OPTIONAL, meaning the filter DOES NOT always need 1 value being selected when select 1 value is ON.



Filter Pane Style



In your reply to the link ideas: Filter Pane - checkbox style - Qlik Community - 1859066 – the idea in this link does not really reflects my full suggestions, so, I summarised the requirement besides.


Also, I see that you have also tried to conclude the always 1 selected value back from this idea 1861636 Improved filter pane (horizontal , coloring, font ... - Qlik Community - 1861636 back to 1805522, which is also the same you tried to relate mine and 1932298 back to 1805522.


Seeing you concluding the requirement of us 3 (me, 1861636, 1932298 ) the same as 1805522 is a concern for me the requirement might not being captured accurate.  


IDEA 1861636 – he basically stating the issue of current implementation for the Always 1 value selected




Allow Filter pane to be appeared as


1.       Button

2.       Check box

3.       Radio Button


All should allow options

1.       Only 1 value selected

2.       Multiple









Hi @QlikWong , understood, let me adress these.

I saw your comment on the Improved filter pane post and responded there by opening back up Ability to select only one value for dimension in filter pane on visualization level and clarified in the Idea subjects the difference in that (1934298) and the original default value request (1805522). Looks like the link in the comment was linked incorrectly which resulted in your confusion so I will fix that as well. 

Hopefully that will solve both of the problems regarding selecting 1 value - now both : Ability to select only one value for dimension in filter pane on visualization level and Allow only one value selection in the filter pane - Default selection are separate ideas that are "open - collecting feedback". ThenImproved filter pane coloring, font styling has been edited to focus on the font and styling and the "duplicate" data in the backend added 1934298 instead of 1805522. 

For filter as button/checkbox/radio, I'd like to understand if there is something missing - because the checkbox & radio box are the same "HTML" element, I edited Filter Pane - checkbox/radio styleto include radio. The element is the same, it is just a matter of can the user select only 1 (radio) or multiple (checkbox). The button I am not sure, since I would recommend you use the button object for this. Let me know what you think and thank you for the detailed responses.




Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Meghann,

Noted about your amendment on the separation of 'Allow Select Only 1 value option in Filter' idea and 'Always select 1 value of a Field' idea.  Thank you.

Yes, both button/checkbox/radio are the same if we are going to group them by HTML term.  But in visualization/design, there are different in many ways which you have already pointed out.  

I would prefer them not to be grouped the same to avoid any unnecessary assumption people might made when come to design requirement matter like this.

In your last comment about proposing using button object as the solution as an alternative to the idea I proposed, having filter style in radio, checkbox or button form. 

For your information, I did use your button to create all values in a field called categories which has 9 values, and it is a frustrating and time-consuming process because:

1.  Activities associates with Each button 

I have to create variables, fill in the label, then create action to make selection where  categories = button1 label etc.  There is already a few minutes spent on 1 buttons and all these in my mind can be achieved effortless if the Filter Pane is a button NOT a filter with SELECT 1 value only or multip select button enabled.    This is one of the MAIN reason I have created the post.

 2.  Button Font Size

If you have done some reports with lots of buttons and using Qlik Buttons, you will find it so hard to make each button font size looks EXACTLY the same.    I have spent hours to adjusting this using the font size slider.  Look at these buttons:


Theirs font size look so out of alignment, but then, I make sure all of them having the same size, by adjusting the slider to 0.7.  Since this is not working, then I have to adjust each button 1 by 1 using Trial and Error method.  So, there where my times have spent on all this unproductive work.



All the above pains can be eliminated with the 2 ideas:

1.    Able to display filter in different forms/style:

  1. 1. Button (With this as Priority)
  2. 2.  Check Box
  3. 3.  Radio 

2.   Filter allow Select 1 value only option 


Thank you.






From now on, please track this idea from the Ideation portal. 

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