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Built-in ea powertools

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Built-in ea powertools

EA Powertools ( ) is a set of -incredibly- tools developed by a small team and distributed freely.

It can answer to many use case.

However :
1/ it's not supported by Qlik
2/some installations are painful (e.g. for the telemetry dashboard, you cannot edit the reload task due to a qlik limitation)

I think these tools should be built-in and supported by Qlik.

Bi Consultant (Dataviz & Dataprep) @ Business & Decision
Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III
Another issue is that are incomplete and "soft-maintained". Would be great if Qlik dedicate a Team..
Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

A must have for System Administrators since day one. Hard to describe how frustrating it has been not being able to do some some simple administration tasks out-of-the-box.

Still hard to take in that Qlik has been ignoring this for so many years now...


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