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Change background color of KPI/Text box with condition

Contributor II
Contributor II

Change background color of KPI/Text box with condition

At the moment we have the option to change the background color using an expression within a table.

But I would like to see that option for KPI and text/image box as well

Use case:

I report out on KPI's. I want to report the current numbers and next to that I want a KPI/text box with the difference between currenct period and current period last year. If that's positive I want the background to be green, otherwise red.


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Thank you for your feedback on ways to improve our product. While this is something we understand would be useful, it's not on the short-term roadmap. Please continue to show your support for this idea.

A workaround could be to use a container and switch between text boxes with a red and a green image background.


Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback