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Create a HEX function for use in expressions

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Create a HEX function for use in expressions

We have to define colours in HEX for themes, and colour pickers etc., but we have to use RGB etc. in expressions.

It would really simplify things if we could have a HEX function that allows us to input the HEX value and render the colour e.g. currently, our expression might look like this:

if([Utilisation Rate]<0.9,red(),green())

After going to all of the trouble of defining our style palette in a theme, it would be great if we could do:

if([Utilisation Rate]<0.9,hex('d73b56'),hex('008e85'))

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni
You can try this ?
if([Utilisation Rate]<0.9,'#d73b56','#008e85')

Colors can be defined as hex strings in all/most charts, example.  '#ff0000'

Status changed to: Closed - Already Available