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Diagonal Reference Line in Scatter Plot (or individual (linear) regression line)

Contributor III
Contributor III

Diagonal Reference Line in Scatter Plot (or individual (linear) regression line)


in last updates scatter plots got regression lines. But in most use cases we have to compare the data against a target (existing model).

Therefore we are requestion to have the possibility to add individual (linear) trend lines in scatter plots.


The use of regression lines in scatter plots is in our daily operations very few. For the end user it is important to figure out which objects are not performing, and using scatter plots gives us the opportunity to not just present a KPI but also the absolute values, so the impact on our overall results. Using a linear trend line would increase the readability of such scatter plots heavily.
It also helps in use cases for eg. Energy Management, when comparing the consumption against a derived model.

best regards and many thanks for your great work!


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