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Enable full white labeling of Qlik Sense

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Enable full white labeling of Qlik Sense

We are an OEM partner and have Qlik Sense embedded in our own application for our customers. We sometimes use individual object or mashup integrations, but also use full app integrations for some things. In the full app use case there are still quite a few references to Qlik or Qlik Sense, which doesn't allow us to have a truly white labeled product (error/session/logout messages are especially egregious). We have managed to hide or remove some of these references via js or css, but this is clunky and unreliable.

To truly support OEM use cases, Sense needs to be much more parameterized so OEM partners (and really, any customer) can choose appropriate labels and images to align with their brands and be more end-user-friendly. The switch of the app loading icon to a generic one vs a Qlik logo in a recent release was a good start, but ideally these would be configurable. 

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@millerhm  I couldn't agree more with your idea. I recently responded to another idea tangentially connected to this one: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Ideas/Dark-Mode-for-Qlik-Sense/idi-p/1700693. I'm going to repeat what I put there and combine these two items leaving yours open.

From other idea:

Dark Mode for Qlik Sense 
A brief description of the idea
Dark Modes are becoming more and more standard function of applications. Of course, you can already map some of them using Qlik Sense themes. A general, user-specific setting for the entire product (menus, hub, QMC, etc.) would be helpful and state of the art
The value proposition for the idea
Many users find the Dark Mode "cooler" or simply more comfortable for the eyes
Have a look to all the covid-19 dashboards -> Most of them are in a dark mode
The target audience (user role) for the idea
All (Developer, End Users, Administrators etc.)
Additional context to help in the review process
There are already existing extensions / themes that could be an inspiration: 


My comment:


Hi @Constantin_Wehmschulte  ,

While dark mode specifically is not planned, I'm engaged with our ux team discussing design systems for Qlik Sense that would allow for full white-labeling of the platform by implementing your own design language through the system. Consider theming plus, however, I'm trying to move away from using the term "theming" because it doesn't articulate the full scope of what I'd like to see.

I envision something like this for Qlik: https://atlas.mendix.com/ where we have components that can be assembled into blocks (like our current charts are equivalent to a block) but you could control the styling from stem to stern including client.

Some of this work is in progress, but the scope is a bit more narrow. That said, i'll use this thread as well as others interested in white labeling to continue the conversation.

Thank you for your submission!



Would enjoy having a conversation with you to talk about the extent and possible ways we could phase this in.


Jeff G

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap
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Partner - Creator

Thanks @Jeffrey_Goldberg! That would be great - would be happy to discuss.