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Everyone option for Qlik Cloud SaaS space access


Everyone option for Qlik Cloud SaaS space access

Qlik client-managed affords the ability to easily create all access 'Everyone' streams through its administration features. By default there's even an Everyone stream created. The Qlik Cloud (SaaS) product currently does not have the ability for security rules and custom properties like client-managed instead exclusively relying on the IdP for all group management. This creates a few administration challenges:

  1. Most Qlik administrators don't control identity management for their company so reliance on group creation by identity management teams is inefficient and costly.
  2. Identity management teams are hesitant to create an 'Everyone' group since it can drastically affect other workflows if inproperly used.
  3. In order for Qlik cloud to recognize groups, users for each of the possible groups have to log into the cloud tenant in order to pass the group into the tenant. This means spaces can't be created and assigned groups in advance until each user of a possible group has logged into the tenant.

These challenges complicate the creation of all access 'Everyone' spaces.

So this idea is for the additional feature during space creation to determine if the space should be considered an 'Everyone' space with the ability to also limit roles to Can View, Can Publish etc.


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