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Insights in hub

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Insights in hub

The SaaS hub now includes options for apps, links and charts.

Can insights outputs be surfaced directly into the hub in a same way ?

I understand that more capabilities around cross-app search is coming, but this now if I see a really helpful data selections insight ( via selections tool ) or a chart ( via main insights advisor NLP question ) I would want to immediately share this directly in the hub to trigger others to explore and collaborate on the Cognitive Engine value-add in Qlik Sense.

In summary it would be great to have an "Insights" option alongside charts, apps and links added to Qlik Sense ( both SaaS and client-managed ) to add this capability. Cognitive  insights are valuable and should be promoted for more interaction, not buried inside someone's app session.

  • Insights charts - publish / monitor in hub rather than just add to sheet
  • Data insights - publish the "cards" in the insights panel directly into the hub
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You can now monitor a chart from Insight Advisor. This will add the chart to the charts list in the hub.

Status changed to: Delivered