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Network chart : custom (dynamic) node shape

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Network chart : custom (dynamic) node shape

Hello all,

As of today, Network chart nodes are poorly customizable : dot, square, diamond, or triangle. What I suggest is a fully custom node shape :
-static or dynamic (example : one shape by item category)
-raster or vector graphic (you can find my idea on SVG implementation here :

Best regards,


Bi Consultant (Dataviz & Dataprep) @ Business & Decision
Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

I am currently doing some work on this extension. Edge arrows have been added so far, see

The easiest solution to implement might be something like this:

1. Create a Sense content library with the icons/images you want to use in the chart.

2. Make those images available in the extension, for use instead of the standard node shapes. Or as images within those standard node shapes.




Thank you all for your feedback on ways to improve our product. While this is something we understand would be useful, it's not on the short-term roadmap. Please continue to show your support for this idea by commenting and liking.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

I'd like to support the idea of different icons for different categories within a network. I'm using a network chart to show the interconnections between which course a student is studying and which modules they are taking. Each module may have multiple courses feeding into it and each course will go to (typically) at least eight modules.

It would be helpful for a quick visual check of which node is a course and which is a module, even if it is just circle/square.




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Explorer II
Explorer II
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