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Option to tile the tabs of container object when expanding to full screen


Option to tile the tabs of container object when expanding to full screen

When I am a container object I often want to compare the charts within the container side-by-side.    Tying to toggle between the tabs and do that comparison is clumsy, harder to see relationships, and time consuming.

I want to be able to expand a container's  individual chart to full screen (how it works today) or optionally expand the container as a  full screen tiled view the charts in the container.

Full Screen Expand of a Container Chart



 or Full Screen Tiled View of all the charts in the container





Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

That would be very handy

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

It's about adding the grid option from QlikView container also to Qlik Sense container. 

Should have been there for a long time already !


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Explorer II
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