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PDF export to match dashboard views (labels etc.)


PDF export to match dashboard views (labels etc.)

When exporting to PDF it would be helpful if the result matched a lot close to the view in the dashboard.

For example you may manipulate the view slightly so pie/donut chart labels are visible (or they are anyway) but when exporting labels are again hidden.

Understand this has a lot to do with how the export is generating the file (based on paper size, monitor PPI etc.) but it makes some dashboards impossible to read where they were in the Qlik application.

It would also be good to be able to have a consistent PDF export that is not reliant on monitor PPI etc. to enable consistent exports across and organisation.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

same problem, resolved using a customized sheet dimension (Edit Sheet, Sheet Size, Custom).
Convert the page to 150PPI in Pixel and it works...


Thanks for the post - we have some improvements coming to the PDF output on Qlik SaaS which may address elements of your feedback.  Have a look at this post 


Status changed to: Open - In Development
A set of reporting improvements detailed here were delivered to the Cloud : 
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Status changed to: Delivered