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QMC? - In need for a new management tool

Creator II
Creator II

QMC? - In need for a new management tool


Not just a single Idea, it seems like the QMC needs revolution

I can list many, many ideas but instead I'm attaching a comment i wrote to the post about new new QLIK products April 2020:

"...Sound and look very good and we are planning to upgrade in the near future but...

After reading some release notes and watching the videos I still haven't found any news about a part of QLIKSENSE which is... for us... left way behind, and I'm talking about the QMC and the management overall.

Just 2 examples:
1. We have some complicated load processes which involves many tasks. Administrating them now is hell. We switched to QLIK from SAP BW and SAP BO, Much inferior products in many aspects but when it comes to loading data it was paradise: Tasks, Sub-tasks, folders to organize them, chart to understand the flow, E-mail Messages in case of task failure etc. In the QMC, I have to settle for TAGS...
2. We have over a thousand unused user sheets we need to delete. No way to do it in a mass deletion. Your official Documentation sends us to use API's... Come on...

It seems that QLIK is putting all of its resource to the analytics and neglects the system management. For us it's very disappointing. QLIKSENSE should have much more modern and advances tool..."/

And a link to the blog:



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Hello @sogloqlik 

Thank you for your feedback. While this is not an idea submission, I encourage you to continue the discussion in the Qlik Sense forums. The Ideas board should only be used for suggesting/promoting product ideas.

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