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Qlik Enterprise Manager - Search for Table

Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Enterprise Manager - Search for Table

Request for an enhancement to Enterprise Manager: we would like to be able to search for tables through the UI.
Example 1: Customer says table XYZ is out of sync. We have multiple tasks running against the same target.
Example 2: Customer asks which database a table comes from.
Example 3: Customer provides a list of tables and requests we create the same indexes at the target as exist at the respective source databases.
In each example, we are required to locate a task and/or endpoint based on the table name. Rather than scouring each task and endpoint to find the table, we type a (regex) table name in a UI search field. We are returned a list of all tasks replicating tables which match the search string.
There is an API which already finds tables in tasks, but we don't want our support personnel to have to connect to a server to run a script; and we don't want them having to switch away from the UI.

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Please look at EM integration with Qlik Catalog in Replicate Nov release. We believe that your request was addressed there.

If not, please contact us again.

Status changed to: Closed - Already Available