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Qlik Replicate - Azure Event Hub Authentication Using Managed Identity

Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Replicate - Azure Event Hub Authentication Using Managed Identity

Qlik replicate as of now supporting only SAS key based authentication for Azure Event Hubs and which is not allowed always.
We recommended to add one more option to connect Event hubs using Azure AD with RBAC.

Azure Event-hub or any other Azure PaaS component is recommended to access using service Principal or Managed Identity which will limit
the access form Qlik to Eventhubs. Organizations handling critical sensitive information always
allowed to access Azure Event hubs using Microsoft IAM users and roles and its some times part of security compliance.

Business Use case :
Authentications and Authorization to Azure EventHubs are Must integrate with an IAM Solution that is configured to comply with the Global Security Control Frameworks (GSCF) password requirements.
AzureAD with RBAC is the required form of authentication to be used with Event Hubs. SAS token use is prohibited.

Expected Solution :
Option to connect Azure Event Hub using Managed Identity

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