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Qlik SaaS : Web API as data source with Native OAuth Support

Creator II
Creator II

Qlik SaaS : Web API as data source with Native OAuth Support

Web APIs having OAuth token authentication is one of the most common ways to secure an API. Currently API (Rest) support for OAuth is not available in Qlik SaaS. However, this is available in Qlik’s competitor : both in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

Implementing Native OAuth support for REST API in Qlik SaaS would be a good asset for Qlik Cloud.

Microsoft documented OAuth connectivity in

Briefly the Microsoft documented flow followed by Power BI is,

  • Power BI makes the request to dataset API’s url to acquire the WWW-Authenticate header
  • Based on the header, Power BI prompts the user to sign-in and acquires the token
  • After successful sign-in, the jwt token acquired is passed to API as authorization header
  • Note that, Power BI client takes care of token refresh scenarios using refresh tokens

Authentication with a data source - Power Query | Microsoft Docs

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