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Qlik Sense Insights advisor(NLP) Monitor App

Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense Insights advisor(NLP) Monitor App

Hi Qlik Team,

Please expand the monitor apps to include a new Insights Monitor. Qlik Sense provides Insights advisor(NLP) feature to auto-generate and suggest the best insights for users to explore further based on overall data set, dimensions and search criteria.

Here is the example content could also be covered in such a new app.
1. Who is using Insights ?
2. What are they doing ? e.g. text searches, global query searches,
3. How to monitor Insight advisor usage?
4. Testing metrics can be included to check response times of App?
5. server's performance and resources used by App


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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I submitted this idea many months ago - almost identical in content !


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni is the original. Can they be combined please ? Mine has 27 votes and a status of "collecting feedback" - maybe add your points 4 and 5 ?


Hi @dipali_jagtap , thank you for the idea and your details.

As this idea has already been submitted, I will mark it a duplicate to combine the attention. Please show your support for the idea by liking and commenting here: 


Status changed to: Closed - Duplicate