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Qlik Sense SaaS Spaces should support "File locations"


Qlik Sense SaaS Spaces should support "File locations"

In Qlik Sense SaaS applications, You are able to create a new connection to "File locations" (e.g, Amazon S3, OneDrive, etc.) as well as "Data Sources" (Many other web based non-file sources.)

However, when managing a Space, under "Data Sources", you can upload a file or you can connect to the same set of "Data Sources" as from within an app. You cannot, however create a connection to a "File locations" source as in the application. This is an important but missing feature to support the migration/publishing of apps across spaces. An extract application in a production space should not be forced to use an Amazon S3 connector in a Dev space, which seems to be the case today.

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Possible via the add data connection screen

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 11.36.15.png

Status changed to: Delivered