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Qlik Sense Scatter Plot — Symbol Type by Expression

Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense Scatter Plot — Symbol Type by Expression

Functionality: Qlik Sense currently limits the symbol type in the Scatter Chart to Circle. Although the Grid Chart does facilitate different symbol types (namely Circle, Cross, Diamond, Saltire, Square, Star, and Triangle), this is not able to be set by expression. I would like not only the ability to set the symbol type by expression in the Scatter Chart, but also for a Heart symbol type to be included in the suite of available symbols. 

Motivation: I work for a hospital, and our Command Centres use Qlik Sense to manage patients in real-time. We won the Qlik Patient-centred App Innovation award in 2021. One chart we use is a Scatter Chart that categorises Emergency Department patients by risk level. We use various criteria to define the risk, but we need an extra dimension because we have already used two axes, bubble size, and bubble colour. The Heart symbol would be a convenient depiction for patients who require a telemetry bed; this cohort represents increased risk because telemetry beds are high-value assets whose availability is limited. Other symbols could be used to depict other high-risk cohorts.

Importance: If this feature request not be approved, then ultimately, some patients will die needlessly. The evidence linking timely flow for high-risk patients with reduced deaths is irrefutable. Our commanders would have to continue using a cumbersome manual process to identify the abovementioned high-risk patient cohort. The delay therein is correlated strongly with increased mortality of patients. 

Benefits: If this feature request do be approved, then ultimately, the lives of some patients will be saved. The evidence linking timely flow for high-risk patients with reduced deaths is irrefutable. The feature request would facilitate improved flow of patients by providing our commanders (who might be viewing the chart on their mobile device when they are absent from the command centre) with a convenient visual depiction of the abovementioned high-risk patient cohort in real-time. This would not only provide greater visibility of this cohort throughout the hospital, but also facilitate a simplification of the business processes behind this real-time data pipeline.