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QlikCloud bookmarks with variables state enhancement

Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikCloud bookmarks with variables state enhancement

When calling a bookmark in an app, previously created with option to save variable state ,

it displayed different data output compared to the same selection manually done, because within bookmark, variables were intially set (variable like “current_week” for example).

Issue is that when user reuse this bookmark, it is not visible in the application that some variables are set and have impact in data display

For user and our IT support, it is hard to understand the reason for this data discrepancy.

What would be great in a future release would be :

  • Being able to let the Qlik developer choose with an command option in loading script, which variables should be set in bookmarks and which should not.
  • When a bookmark is called , be able to see if it impacts variables, with some kind of toggle.
  • Being able to reset variable to initial state. Because when the bookmark is called, variables seems then to be set for as long as the application is not reloaded.