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Qliksense Data Connection

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Contributor II

Qliksense Data Connection



Is there any way to make qliksense data connection application specific like for X application we have 5 developers and those 5 developers are creating same data connection which is not an ideal way can we have any help documentation or anything which can help us to manage data connection application-wise that means Data connection for X application can be visible to all of their development team and for Y application data connection should be visible to their team only.

One way I am aware to add name inside data connection looking for some other methods if there is any because for some application we have around 15 users as well who will be needing access to data connection and adding n number of users I think we should avoid.

By this way we will be able to able to decrease number of data connection.

Got documnetation link but here data connection is getting visible to all users which we need to avoid as we are supporting number of application.






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